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How scale point based on vertex paint with a scatter by number

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How scale point based on vertex paint with a scatter by number

Hello everybody,


I'm new to bifrost and I need your help. I ll try to change the size of scattered point with a vertex paint. 

I ve tried to use a "get geo colorset" plugged in a "vector to scalar" plugged into weight of a "scale point" with no result.


Any idea 




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in reply to: john_l_aveugle

Make sure you are reading the color set correctly and make sure that the data type is correct as well. Usually is float 4. To make sure press W to see between the connections to see what type is it 

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Thx for your answer. I'd already tried and setup all the node. It works when connect them into density but I don't know how to setup for my need. Is it possible for you to post here a scene or a tuto to drive a point scale base on a vertex paint ? To drive scale instances. Thx for your help

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mmmm thanks a lot, tryed to find this on google with no luck. Now i have to try by myself. Post here my result soon.


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Take a look here at my tutorial collection. most stuff is there.

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works like a charm 😄

thx a lot team !

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