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How do I place the sphere in a random position?

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How do I place the sphere in a random position?

I'd like to place a sphere with random values ​​on a plane and make something that blinks in color, but I don't know. I was able to get a plane position and place the sphere at the point position. But it had an array and couldn't be irregular. What should I add?

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Use generate_sample_locations to get an array of random locations on your plane. Then, you can connect sample_locations into a sample_property node to get the positions of those locations. For more information, see Generate random locations.


Note that it will always be an array, even if you want only one location (in this case an array with only one element). You can use get_from_array to return the first (that is, 0th) element, but I suspect that for your purposes you can actually just keep using the array no matter how many elements it has. Also, you need to change the seed if you want a different random location.


I hope that helps,


Grahame Fuller
Learning Content Developer
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Hello! Thank you for politely teaching me. generate_sample_location and sample_property solved my problem. There are many unknown nodes that I still don't understand, and I am studying every day. thank you.

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