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How do i load .bif volume cache into bifrost graph?

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How do i load .bif volume cache into bifrost graph?

i created a bifrost aero simulation w/o bifrost graph and and want to output the simulation to vdb.  i thought i could cache to bif then load the bif cache in graph but i dont seem to be able to read my cache in graph.  i will load when i just load the cache into a fresh bifrost aero sim but not via bifrost graph.  


Bifrost graph also seems to be the only way for me to convert my simulation to VDB.  anyone know how to do this?


Thanks for the help.


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in reply to: lunahalo

I believe that you can use the "read_bif_particles" node in Bifrost Graph Editor. Then use the "file_cache" node to write out the vdb seq.

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Oh and add a time node (frame output) -> to_int node -> read_bif_particles (frame)

2020-01-07 15_41_31-Bifrost Graph Editor.png

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