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Getting started, attribute transfer, group nodes, scatter

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Getting started, attribute transfer, group nodes, scatter

This is a slightly lazy question but I need a bump in getting started with BIF, I've been intrigued since the rerelease and when Marcus came by the other day where I work it really made me want to get into this.

I'm looking first and foremost to test out things like footprints so  weightmaps, attributetransfer by volume/geo and scatter of objects similar to what we can do with mash. Also that strands-video with the porsche was really intriguing since...strands in maya *finally* yay but the walkthrough was a little sparse.


Also really intruged by proceduralism so.. let's say I wanna extrude every other face or something...

So in regards to the above, what nodes can I use or is there a good tutorial to start from? Thankful for any response.


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