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Getting better bifrost fluid renders

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Getting better bifrost fluid renders

Hi, I'm trying to render a bucket of water being tipped on someone's head and the bifrost sim looks pretty bad. I need fine details and water droplets etc but it's just not cutting it. Firstly, the animated fluid is wobbly. Secondly, it looks clumpy and has no fine details.  When I use pheonix FD with the 'waterfall' preset i get splashes, foam and mist at the press of one button. The detail is good- no adjustment needed. How do I achieve this setting in Bifrost? The presets in the content browser are a joke. I don't feel i should have to pay for an entirely different software to get decent results when maya is supposed to do this job. 

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can you zip then upload your scene file please?

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Bifrost liquids are very sensitive to scene scale. You'll want to make sure that your objects are sized correctly. For example, grid units are considered meters. The next thing you need to look for is substeps. Small scale simulations require more substeps than larger scales due to the amount of voxels your liquid particles travel through. Don't be surprised to use 8-12 substeps. You may also need to increase the minimum substeps in order to properly resolve collision movement. Also try lowering the erosion factor in the liquid properties. I've found the the default erosion produces liquid that ends up "stringy".

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