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Get UV locations per vertex

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Get UV locations per vertex

I am trying to replicate in bifrost what the Maya transfer attribute by UV is doing.
I am recreating the the UV of the source and the target as two meshes following the example in this post:

The problem I have is that if use the Locations of UV mesh on the target to sample the barycentric coordinates when I set the points back on the Target mesh the IDs, are obviously not matching anymore.
Since I just need the locations of the corresponding vertices for the target mesh I was wondering if there is a way to query the UV coordinates per vertex. I am aware there can more than one because of the seams, but I am fine picking just the first one in the array. I believe this is the same behavior of the Transfer attribute anyway.

Another thing I had in mind was to detach all the faces from the geometry, sampling the IDs of the merged target by location to have a correspondence, doing all the UV meshing and sampling on the detached mesh and transferring the positions to the merged target averaging the points position of the UVs on the seams.

I started playing with bifrost recently so I do not even know if this is possible but it would be great if somebody could point me in the right direction.

Thank you very much


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