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Geo edges to strands

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Geo edges to strands

Any way to convert geo egdes to strands, or to connect strands ? I would nice to have such fonctions or compound.

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in reply to: ejpaul

there was a compound already published to do this.

here is the link.

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in reply to: suryamunny

thanks for your anwser, but the compound doesn't work properly. edges are always doubled and are messy. 6 months ago i tried everything I could, unsucessfully.

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in reply to: ejpaul

What the compound Aslan posted is doing is a pretty straightforward conversion of a mesh to strands, which does indeed result in doubled-up edges. The reason is that it just traces a strand around the vertices of each polygon. This is useful, in fact I have a WIP "scope" style node that shows you face-vertex information visually using a very similar technique. Here it's showing each face and it's first vertex - and the direction it's winding around. When generating things per-face, this is a really useful visualization. 




To really do this properly, and connect each point to each of its neighbors, you need to first be able to get all the neighbors of each point, and skip the ones that would be duplicates. Getting all the neighbors is a low-level building block we're laid the groundwork for but don't have exposed yet. Skipping the duplicates is not too difficult in that form - we can assume that if we have a strand from point 4-5, we'll also have one from 5-4. So we can skip 5-4, where the first point index is larger. 


I put together a prototype of doing this not-quite-properly - I'm walking around each face to find edges, and assuming every edge will be duplicated, which is not true for border edges. The end step is building arrows and not other strand geometry - it's prettier for the prototype and shows that the edges are not in fact duplicated. The goal of this prototype is to be A) a good code example to start with for visual programmers, and B) focus discussion about what we want out of such a building block. 


The attached scene requires the rebel pack. 




Jonah Friedman
Bifrost Product Manager

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