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Fuel burn-off - Bifrost

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Fuel burn-off - Bifrost

Im creating an explosion using Aero through the old Bifrost menu rather than in the graph. Ive noticed simulations made from Bifrost graph are not as fast and a little unstable at the moment, Im also just experimenting with old tools. Ive noticed with my sim that there's a ton of temperature carried in the explosion for a long time and its blowing out my aiVolume shader in the blackbody. Ive tried to use a aiVolumeFloat to change the emission channel with no luck so its back to changing the sim instead. Is there a way to increase the cool down of my explosion through atmosphere or am I emitting too much temperature in the beginning? Im using default settings for density and temperature.

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Just tried reducing temperature emission down to zero on the emitter yet temperature is still emitted?!!

What gives?

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