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For when few forum categries?

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For when few forum categries?

Hi all,


I can't understand why take so long to create a few categories for the forums.


I don't want anyone to be offended, it's not my intention but seems that Autodesk doesn't have a webmaster,xdd. It's ridiculous.


Right now its imposible to find nothing, either with the search engine.




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I'll follow up on this. It's been bothering me as well. 🙂

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Nothing for this topic?? Serously? Where is Autodesk dev forum people?
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Please, come on! Any plans on it?
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Thanks for following up on this @juanjo_bernabeu. Much to my own disappointment, we will not be getting forum categories any time soon. Unfortunately, it is out of our control at this point. I hope you can get by with forum search for now.

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