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feature request: wireless send/receive

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feature request: wireless send/receive



Wireless connections would greatly enhance usability for graph building and content creation.


For example, if I have a Bifrost parameter deeply buried inside nested compounds, it is a PITA to edit that parameter value. If I don't expose that parameter to Maya, then content creators are going to have a very hard time finding it. They will need advance knowledge of where it is, and then drill down into the graph to access it.


If I do expose the deeply-nested parameter to Maya, then I have to connect its port to the enclosing compound via an Input node, then connect that port to its enclosing compound, etc. etc. etc., eventually bringing that parameter out to the root level of the graph. This is a time waster, and also makes it difficult to make high-level changes to the structure of the graph.


Wireless send and receive nodes would solve the problem. I could transmit my deeply nested parameter directly to the root level of the graph, bypassing all of the input nodes. This would also enable a more flexible, nonlinear, fluid method of developing and using Bifrost tools. The very structure of the graph itself could be modified from the Maya UI.


I've spent a fair amount of time using the audio software Native Instruments Reaktor, which is a node graph for building virtual musical instruments. Their implementation of wireless send/receive has some UI issues, but the concept is solid. I use it all the time to build routing mechanisms, so I can send signals to various levels of the graph from within the performance instrument panel.


My idea for Bifrost is a new pair of nodes: Wireless Send and Wireless Receive. All nodes of this type would be connected to one another invisibly, wirelessly. The Parameter panel for each Send node would show a list of all Receive nodes in the graph, and vice versa. Each would be uniquely identified via UUID or similar method. Connections would be made through the Parameter panel. The graph wouldn't need to display ports for Send or Receive nodes, but it would be helpful if a ToolTip could display the active connection(s) on mouse hover.


My example of exposing deeply nested parameters barely scratches the surface of what wireless Send / Receive could accomplish.



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I agree. The good news it that it's already planned for the future. It will appear as a feature called "Portals". 


See this post from Ian:

Maxime Jeanmougin - Technical Artist

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