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Extracting a range of indices from array containing 300 elements

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Extracting a range of indices from array containing 300 elements

I am attempting to texture elements of an alembic. I wanted to import it via graph editor in order to more easily adjust speed and start time with time_warp node, but I'm faced with a texturing challenge. I need to separate groups of elements associated with various textures, but it's very time consuming to do it individually. I've searched online and tried to apply some suggestions like using "within bounds" and all true from array to set a range of indices that I could then group in build array, but I'm missing a step in my understanding. I keep running into promotion errors. Can anyone provide an example of how you might setup a graph to separate ranges of indicates from an array with hundreds of elements in order to more easily texture each group, rather than individual elements? Thanks.

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Hi @Polytikal1 ,


to get some elements from an array you can use "get_from_array".
To keep all other elements there is a "remove_from_array" node..




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