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Exploring Consta's demo aero_cig_smoke ....... smoked a pack of cig but no smoke ??

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Exploring Consta's demo aero_cig_smoke ....... smoked a pack of cig but no smoke ??

Opened Consta's aero_cig_smoke file. played up to 50th frame and rendered in Arnold. No smoke in render. I see it in view port. What is wrong i am doing?aero_cig_smoke_NOsmoke.JPG

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Are you on the latest Bifrost and Arnold versions.?

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Yes 2020.4,BF 2.2 and Arnold 6. Last week's update. I deleted the Compounds
content and made my compound folder uptodate. I know one of us sent a demo
regarding scatter_point example. The error I was getting of conflicting

In Fact most of the FX folder (Consta) contents with those scene files
which Jonas uploaded are either running super slow to compute or render the
scene , I cannot even see anything in view-port. I just open the scenes, no
changes I make.

DO you have any idea my friend?

Intel I 7, 32gb ram 4gb vram. 1tb SSD... is that a bad spec?

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I had installed the latest 2020.4 which came out few weeks back. I had a mesh in my compound folder while installing RB 04 pack and MJCG pack and others from the forum. So downloaded Bifrost again, cleaned my compounds folder, Downloaded Arnold last night and run again Consta's demo scenes and to my surprise everything is rendering now.


Newbies to BF graphs.... this is how I fixed my issues.

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