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Evaluation issue On Maya Scene Open

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Evaluation issue On Maya Scene Open

Hello , 

i am facing an graph evaluation issue while opening a saved Maya scene,
so I build a network and save the Maya scene,
after that i re-opening the same saved Maya scene,  then the graph is not evaluating,
to make the graph evaluate, i have to do one of the below steps.

1. My translating(make dirty) the input joint of the graph.
2. Changing the evaluation mode from Parallel -> DG -> Serial -> Parallel .

3. Toggling `Cached Playback` from the Pref.


anyone facing this issue ? Any idea how to solve this issue , I’m using Maya 2022 and Bifrost

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in reply to: Rishis3D2

If I remember correctly this issue might have been solved on an updated version of BF if you can, try it out on the latest version 2.7.1 which works with Maya 2022 


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in reply to: Rishis3D2

Thanks @sepu6 , latest version of Bifrost version fixes my issue, but i found another issue in scripting, i will make a separate post about it.

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