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Error: node "float3Numeric" is not installed

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Error: node "float3Numeric" is not installed

Got this error on a scene I'm working on since some time on MPM sim, never have had the probmes so far, also didn't changed anything except some value.


Updated to Maya 2022.1 and Bifrost, the problem persist.


So far launching both a sequence or batch rendering is pushing out only the first frame where no simulation is active.


Since on batch I didn't get any UI I was not noticing the error message, trying a render sequence this come out at the first frame where the particles are created.


Didn't find this error mentioned elsewhere so asking for a hint.

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in reply to: davide445

In the end resulted the problem was a project file corruption.

Restarted from an older version and recreated current setup all is working fine.

This is the fourth time this happens with me just doing changes in the Bifrost nodes parameters and few other things to make it happen, hope it's not a long standing problem and Autodesk can sort it out sooner or later.

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