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EnvIt new Maya Scatter Tool Preview

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EnvIt new Maya Scatter Tool Preview

Why do i post this script here?

Cause its build with Bifrost under the hood!

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I hope this plugin can be compared with Vue's scatter function.
1. Slope constraint: plants only appear on certain slopes. such as 0°~23°。
2. Altitudes constraint.
3. Orientation constraint. for example: only on the side where the sun can reach.
4. can adjust the "edge blur" of the above constraints.
5. plants are not evenly distributed randomly, but tend to cluster together if they are the same species.


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in reply to: Christoph_Schaedl

Thanks for sharing Oglu!

g2m, for now I already happy to have the based of a powerful scattering tool on Maya. And I'll continue to add more feature of course, as much as I can. Even is a "Script" will never be such powerful than a dedicated 10 yo software.

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