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Emitter won't connect to object

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Emitter won't connect to object

I am relatively new to Maya and am trying to learn Bifrost liquids. Whenever I go to make a Bifrost liquid, it does not want to create the emitter on the object that I want it to. Instead it creates a 1 particle emitter at the origin. I am trying to make a sphere my emitter. I read that it may be because it has to snap to a volume, so I extruded my sphere, but it still did not work. I have also tried other shaped objects and it didnt seem to work. I have tried on multiple scenes and it seems to be an issue in all of them. I did get it to work one time, but I don't know what I might've done differently. Does anyone know what might be the issue? Thank you!

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Only the icon will be placed at the center of the scene.

If you select an object and then use in FX menu:

Bifrost Fluids -> Liquids

the selected object becomes an emitter.

(Make sure the object is large enough. I also recommend to test this with default units).

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