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Each minor change taking too many seconds to update.

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Each minor change taking too many seconds to update.

I was happily learning Bifrost then Maya suddenly realized that it's a "professional" tool so it started lagging for 13 seconds after each change in bifrost parameters. The graph itself is lightweight. Scattering a few thousand low_poly meshes on a moderately dense terrain.


It was working fast and responsively but this issue appeared all of sudden one day..


These things are showing to take the most time in Profiler (attached .txt and image)


24 Cores, 64 GB RAM, 12 GB VRAM

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in reply to: ayushbakshi98

Post the scene in question, and share BF version and Maya 



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@ayushbakshi98 Thank you for reporting this issue. Unfortunately, I cannot tell from your screenshot what exactly is taking so long. If there is a way for you to share the Maya scene file we can take a look for you.

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Ah.. woops.. 

Here's the file. Please have a look.

Maya 2024.1 Bifrost

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Okay, I checked and almost all the execution time is done in the graph. The problem seems to be that you are scattering a million points (`Max Number` is set to 1000000) using blue noise which is quite expensive. Almost all of these million points are being filtered out due to almost all the density values you've input to the scatter node being zero (or near zero) and due to the `Cull Overlapping` being enabled. It would be much more efficient to generate fewer samples that are actually kept.

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Alright. Looks like I got too confident with blue noise thinking it's much faster than blue noise maximal.. I'll try with standard random and cull disabled.
Glad to know it's not bz of a bug 😌
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Or you could scatter the points in a second graph. And just drag and drop it into your main graph.


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