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Dust & Blowing snow

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Dust & Blowing snow

Noobie here. Whats the best way setting up dust and blowing snow? Particle graph or Aero Graph? 


I want to do a snowy surface with wind blowing a thin layer of snow up or off it. An aero sim would be best right? 


Likewise, a dusty surfuce in which the dust get blown off, would a particle graph be better? The could remain of the surface before get blown off.  


Is there a way of combining these together to create both? Can particle generate an aero volume when if die off.  



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I'd use an Aero sim to create the airflow that will carry off the snow or dust.  And cache that out as .bob files.


Then, I'd do different setups for the snow vs dust.


For the snow, I'd just use particles with the new self-collision enabled, and work with that to see if you get what you need.  If you can't get the look you want, then I'd use a real MPM snow simulation.  In either case, I'd use the .bob file caches to apply a volume influence to have the snow particles be driven by the previous aero sim.


For dust, i'd use a similar setup, but just a straight-up particle sim, again using a volume-influence to pick up the .bob file cache velocities from the aero sim.



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