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Duplicate and shift bifrost liquid simulations

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Duplicate and shift bifrost liquid simulations


I did a Bifrost simulation of liquid falling onto the floor, and cached it to disk.

Is there a way I can reuse that simulation concurrently at multiple places, and just shifted by few seconds ?

And ideally I will want to change scale and material of rendered simulation.



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If you are willing to use Bifrost graph, you can easily accomplish this by loading in your cache using read_bif_particles node. Once in the Bifrost graph, you can make copies of your cache and translate the particles to your heart's content using get_point_position and set_point_position as well as the add node.

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Also, in case it is not obvious, to time shift simply create additional read_bif_particles nodes, and add a value to the frame value passed in from the time node. (note that the simulation frame is float, so one must also use a to_int node to convert the time frame value before setting the cache input frame). 

Duncan Brinsmead
Senior Principal Developer

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