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Difficulty generating fractal crystals with multiple objects

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Difficulty generating fractal crystals with multiple objects

Hi - So I'm new to bifrost and was following this tutorial :  (5) Generating Fractal Crystals in Bifrost - YouTube

I got to the time stamp 28:59 / 37:23 where you can plug-in a second object to the crystal. In the original video the iterate tab goes red after changing the port type to array, and then back to normal after choosing fan in. On mine however this doesn't happen and it stays red and won't work after I choose fan-in. I'm not sure what I've missed but I can't seem to find the solution myself so any help would be appreciated!!



Also I'd been having some trouble with uploading the file - I got the following message :

  • The attachment's bifrost crystal a 12_2_23.mb content type (application/octet-stream) does not match its file extension and has been removed

So Instead I have a link :  bifrost crystal a 12_2_23.mb

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Can you post some screenshots?

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I was able to reproduce on the previous bifrost version but now is not simple. I cannot recognize the same port name and other things. I will try again but something changes

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Hi thanks for getting back to me so quickly! 

So originally when I posted I had trouble adding a second object, but I was still able to use just one and edit the rotation, size etc. Now it seems the first object also won't be edited but I don't remember changing anything, So any help is greatly appreciated!!


I've attached some screenshots - I hope these help.

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The problem is described in the error message. Your output port iterate_out is neither a iteration target or a state port. You need at least one of those on an iterate node. I notice that in the tutorial the iterate_out port is a state port so you need to set it to that.

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Thanks! I didn't get it at first, but now I've changed it and it works!! 🙂

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