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DG vs Parallel Mode creating bitfrost cache and Arnold rendering

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DG vs Parallel Mode creating bitfrost cache and Arnold rendering

I'm running bitfrost on Maya 2019.  When I Compute and Cache to Disk with DG bitfrost writes out the first frame and then skips to the last frame.  This problem goes away when I make the MVS big enough (0.125 NG, 0.17 OK).  When I switched to Parallel mode the cache gets created at MVS 0.125 (albeit very slowly but at least it doesn't skip to the last frame).  However, earlier today I was doing some Arnold test renders from a bitfrost cache and I needed to switch to DG because rendering in Parallel kept crashing.  Seems I need to keep switching between DG and Parallel depending on whether I'm rendering or caching. Anyone else have this experience?  Is there a better way?




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