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Debug options

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Debug options

I'm really struggling to debug simple data in my graphs. I've been able to setup a dump object with file tailing. That data  is dense and doesn't relate visually to the scene. 


For example, I got the `point_scope` to print positions, but I need it to draw point id's. Is there a way to draw the `point_component.count`? Or is the idea to add an and fill a custom property called `point_id` and fill it programmatically with an iterator, and then pass that to `point_scope`?


I also can't seem get dump data from deep in a nested compound, or dump anything except an object. How can I just view the text contents of an array?





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You can always use dump_object together with a custom object with exactly the data you want to inspect. Just use set_property to set point_component.count and whichever other properties you want to inspect on a fresh object.


As for showing point_id with the point_scope, you can do that. Just set Numeric Property to "point_id" on the point_scope. It'll be a bit weird since the value will be shown in the viewport as a float3, but you just need to look at the first number. See my screenshot.



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You can fill a point_id property using this trick. 




As Morten said, the display will be weird, but the first numbers will show you the point indices.

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Thank you. Is there any way to write to the console?




For future readers. Create a value node, expand the ... to set the simple type to object. Set the key to whatever you want.

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I don't believe we have a way to dump information to the console at the moment.

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Hi, I was just reading up on this post so sorry to hijac :). Really great info and works fine but I was just wondering if there is a way to increase the size of the font that is used for the numeric output?




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Sorry, there isn't any way to change the text size yet.




Grahame Fuller
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