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Curves → Strands → Array

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Curves → Strands → Array



i'm not new to programming, and i've created a few tutorials about the bifrost extension/graph. however, your docs need examples. see this statement:


Maya Curves can be dragged and dropped into the Bifrost graph the same way as meshes. They become strands in the graph. They may be resampled as part of the import process, either by length or by number of segments. One strands object is composed of multiple curves, so multiple curves may be dragged in to produce one strands object — you can convert this to an array of strands objects by changing the port type.


sounds great, is great. but – converting the strands to an array of strands objects → this needs an example.





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Hi Max!


When you select multiple Maya curves in the outliner and middle-mouse drag them into Bifrost, they will show up in Bifrost as a single strand object (i.e. one Amino::Object). You could get around this by dragging in each strand separately, however that might be a bit tedious. To access each Maya curve as a separate strand object in Maya, you can single change the type input port in Bifrost from Amino::Object to array<Amino::Object> by right-clicking on the port and changing the type.


P.S. Love your tutorials! I have been watching them for a few years already. 🙂

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hi morten, i'll try this out on the weekend. the next tutorial will be about aiCamera. something completely different. but i'm experimenting with lights and BIF....

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in reply to: max_schoenherr

Wondering what you are going to come up with those curves, any new tutorials  using those Curves/strands.

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hi again, morten. i know that importing curves one after the rather creates several strand objects. however, i don't understand what you're getting to. check this unlisted video i did:


the point is how to continue from the imported curves. in my very basic tutorial i showed the arnold rendering workflow by changing the size and shape of the curve. the ARRAY option sounds delicious, but, we need a helping hand here 😉



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You should create your value. The value is not in your list. I had the same problem. (i'm not shure but the list is something like an history of the last used port types, but maybe i'm wrong, so you cannot see it).

Look at my image. When you right click on your strands port, select set port type and add "array" strands_array.PNG

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in reply to: darioOrtisi

Thanks a lot. I am going to play with it tonight.
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Yes, @darioOrtisi is right about the right-click menu being a history. You need to click 'Set Port Type' and select 'Array' like he said.

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since all has been settled, i'll delete my unlisted 1 minute video now. it's obsolete. thanks, folks. and please: more tutorials for insiders!

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Yes. More tutorials from the insiders would be a great help.

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in reply to: max_schoenherr

Thanks Max,

That post did help me understand the new feature of getting curves into BF

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Hi. I've notice something wrong. I need to use a maya curve to trying to recreate the same curve but with more control as array.

So i have my strand in the graph and connect to get from array, by changin the input port to array amino object. But it doesn't work.

Is it normal or it's a bug?


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stupid me. It' is on the old bifrost. Now is a strands correct. Sorry.

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