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Curl noise question

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Curl noise question

I'm in and there's no info on the curl noise node.  So what I'm seeing is this.  When my positions are around the origin, I get the behavior I'm looking for.  But when my position values are let's say 1500 units away from the origin, the curl noise values are much higher.  Not the same as back at the origin.  So I'm assuming the position input of the curl noise is magnitude sensitive?  If I want the same behavior as back at the origin, I should maybe normalize my position vectors?  Am I on the right track?  That's what I'm going to test now.

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I don't really know much about the math of curl noise but I tested it out in a scene moved a sphere 1500 units away from origin in X-axis and I don't see any difference really

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in reply to: bugsdabunny

Thank you for checking that for me.  I was just going to post that it wasn't the curl noise.  Me and my silly assumptions.  I have a black and white vertex color set controlling the amount of curl noise.  How simple could a b&w dataset be?  Well, that is the culprit and not the curl noise.  I'm not getting the right info from my get_geo_property node.

Thanks again.

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