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creating cluster to solve

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creating cluster to solve

In the docs it is stated that a certain umber of licenses can be used for Bifrost. If I run 3 separate servers, how can I distribute the simulation?

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Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to distribute a simulation.


May I refer you to this thread, which may provide you with information that may be helpful to you?

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I guess the better question is, If I need to simulate 3 different files, how do the license lookups work across the different servers? Is there a license server that tracks this info? The documentation said the sw can be used on up to 3 other computers, but how is this tracked? We have a beowulf cluster that exposes all CPU's and memory to any application as if it were a single entity, which speeds up sims significantly. But how do we license it?
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In the case of a Beowulf cluster each node (not CPU) consumes one license. The number of licenses you are entitled to depends on your current Autodesk subscription(s).


From the Bifrost FAQ:


Licensing for Bifrost is based on the EULA you agree to when you install the plug-in. Your Maya license entitles you to run Bifrost through the official Bifrost Extension for Maya plug-in; in addition, it also entitles you to three Bifrost Engine licenses.

If you run Bifrost in standalone mode via the bifcmd tool, you start consuming Bifrost Engine licenses.

One Bifrost Engine license entitles you to run an unlimited number of bifcmd jobs on a single machine. You can run bifcmd on up to three different computers at the same time, since you are entitled to three Bifrost Engine licenses per Maya license.

Alternatively, your ECP Collection license entitles you to 15 Bifrost Engine licenses.

If your company has 10 Maya licenses, you can run bifcmd on up to 30 machines at once. If you have 10 ECP Collections, you can run bifcmd on up to 150 machines at once. These entitlements are included in addition to running Bifrost through Bifrost Extension for Maya.

For example, a single Maya user with a single Maya license may simultaneously:

  • Use Bifrost in Maya via the Bifrost Extension for Maya plug-in, and
  • Compute six bifcmd jobs on three other computers.

In this case, Bifrost would be running on four computers - the one that is running Maya plus the three that are running bifcmd - while only one Maya license is required.




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