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creating animation of strands along curves

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creating animation of strands along curves

Hi !

I would like to create  strands that follows different paths i imported from illustrator .How to emit or draw trails along curves? 

After creating the curve, do i need to set point position and then create a point count node that returns the number of points and then animate the points and then create strands?


Very new at this, any hints ,tips that can help, will be appreciated.   

Thank you!

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in reply to: mickrom

Import the strands from Illustrator as you would normally in Maya then bring those strands into BF. 


Then you want to animate pts along the strands or do you want the strands to animate? 

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in reply to: mickrom

sepu6 Thanks for the feedback and yes, I would like the strands to follow a couple of curves. 

I am following a few tutorials, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

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in reply to: mickrom

If you are in Discord, have a look at this.

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