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Creating a tet (tetrahedra) mesh in bifrost?

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Creating a tet (tetrahedra) mesh in bifrost?


I'm just wondering if anyone could help me trying to think of a way to create a tet mesh within bifrost, with attributes to control the radius and levels of depth? Something similar to the Tet embed or Tet conform within Houdini.

I have already created a compound to calculate the volume of any mesh using Tets so I'm wondering if I could use part of this compount.

I've also wondered if I could somehow volumise the mesh and use that to generate my tets or the marching cube compound.

The hardest bit would seem to be how to actually construct a the mesh within bifrost


It seems quite complex! Any help/ideas/direction would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks very much


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It certainly won't be trivial to accomplish, but one place to start is to convert the mesh to a volume (as you also suggested) and create tets inside each voxel. Then the problem becomes what to do at voxels that intersect the mesh.

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Hey thanks @morten.bojsen-hansen I'll keep that in mind. After doing a bit of research as you say doesn't seem like a trivial thing to do but I'm going to give it a shot, I'm sure I'll learn something 🙂



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A place to start would be to look at the Isosurface Stuffing[1] algorithm published at SIGGRAPH 2007. You could even have an adaptive tetmesh by utilizing our upcoming adaptive improvements to convert_to_volume. 🙂



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