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Converting Mesh to MPM Sand with a wipe

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Converting Mesh to MPM Sand with a wipe

Hi all,


I'd like to do an effect where I turn some type (converted in to a mesh) in to powder, starting at the top of a line of text and going down until it all turns to powder with a wipe.
Complete noob here by the way when it comes to bifrost and MPM Sand.


I can manage to plug the mesh in to a Basic MPM Sand network, sure, that works nicely - all of the particles then fall as one and break up as they hit my ground plane.


Is there way where I can use something like a boolean object that wipes down over the mesh from the top, and the MPM sand is only generated where the 1st source object is occluded by the 2nd boolean object? So it'd look like the text is breaking up in to powder/particles from the top down.


I've tried using @michael.nielsen 's boolean script to create a boolean shape mesh, that I then plug in to the source_mpm_sand node, but it doesn't seem to generate particles.


Many thanks for any help!

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Since BF doesnt have yet a boolean node you have to go through volumes. 

Here is a quick example. 



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Thank you very much!


I did try to do it via using a normal booleaned mesh as the source, whereby the intersected cut out shape was the source for the particles, but the particles seemed to fly out from the source as new ones were created by the expanding shape. 

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