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Convert to volume node - Mesh error's

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Convert to volume node - Mesh error's


I've been following a retopology tutorial in Bifrost:

Now my mesh is direct from marvelous designer and is a welded triangulated obj. When i use the 'ConvertMeshtoVolume' node, i instantly see an error with parts of the mesh shooting off to the right. 
I've noticed decreasing the detail size does slightly fix the issue, but it will always remain + my PC really doesnt like it!
I've tried playing with the bandwidth also, but couldn't improve on it at all.
Does the issue stem from a triangulated mesh? Or is it because it has holes in the geo?
I'm really struggling with this, hopefully someone has had a similar issue.

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Are you running the mesh to volume conversion in "solid" or "shell" mode?  Given the kind of mesh you're inputting, ensure you are in 'shell' mode.  That is not the default, I believe.

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