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Convert compound Node to Maya DG Node?

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Convert compound Node to Maya DG Node?



Bifrost is great, I can literally see it will be fully used in production in the future.

I have one thing to concern about the performance. Can the compound node in Bifrost compete with or beat Maya DG node? Is it possible or necessary to convert compound node to a compiled DG node like the traditional mll plugin to improve performace?

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@kongyingjie, That's the beauty of Bifrost. It was built ground-up so that your entire graph, including all compounds, is compiled to very fast machine code using LLVM before execution. There shouldn't be any need to rewrite nodes in C/C++ like other node graphs built around Python scripting, for instance.

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Really appreciate your info and some new questions.


I watched videos on Youtube that some guy made blendshape deformer with built-in bifrost node. Is it the right way to create custom deformer with the basic nodes,e.g.add,iterator,set_point_position? Or are you going to make a built-in blendshape node (and other deformers) in the future? Or C++ SDK for developers to create custom basic bifrost nodes?


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If you like to use Bifrost for riggin take a look at Daniels work.

The base is already there.

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@kongyingjie, Whenever possible we (the Bifrost team) try to create nodes purely in the graph. We do this so that our users can learn and customize things more easily and it's also a case of "eating our own dog food" which helps us improve Bifrost. We'll only resort to C++ nodes in cases where a purely graph based solution just won't cut it. Hopefully this will happen less and less often as Bifrost gains more features. The Bifrost SDK could be useful if you want to integrate external code into Bifrost. For example, you might use the SDK to integrate Bullet in Bifrost.

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Thank you so much,it's very helpful.

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As someone who have actively used Bifrost in production, I can agree that Bifrost is almost as fast as custom C++ Maya plugin. The only overhead is that there is a relative cost for converting geometry and data from and to Maya. Other than that, the graph computation itself is blazing fast.

The Bifrost SDK has not been released yet though 🙂 

Maxime Jeanmougin - Technical Artist

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Thanks,maxime,I learned a lot from your bifrost tutorial.


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