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confusing property names do not match names in schema file

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confusing property names do not match names in schema file


as inputs for my bifrost graph, I have radius and color array data.

Why is it that in order to render the radius of points (as disks) I can add the property 'point_size', but when I want to render the correct color, I have to add the property 'color', instead of 'point_color'?
Both properties are mentioned in the 'points.json' file as 'point_size'/'point_color'.
What am I getting wrong?

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in reply to: BurkhardRammner

You can render both it doesn't matter how you call the property, The important part is how you read it when you want to render it and make sure is a vector 3 if you want color. I can render either color or point color using user data nodes hypershade or set geo property reference in BF - Post an example scene. 

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I ment viewport render, not arnold render.   Cannot post an example scene easily, as the bf input node is a custom node.

It is of bf vector array type and setting the data to type 'color'  make the color data show up nicely in the viewport. Does not work when type is 'point_color'.

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in reply to: BurkhardRammner

Yes that is a Maya thing If Im not mistaken. That is the only one as far as I remember that you have to do that. 

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