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Collision Deformer

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Collision Deformer

I'm working on a collision-deformer like thingy.
An input mesh getting squashed onto a target mesh.
The vertices inside the target mesh are projected onto the surface of the target mesh.


Great! Now I need to propagate a normalscale-ish thingy over the vertices in the proximity of the ones sticking on the target surface.
As a matter of fact the native maya soft selection does exactly what I need (surface or volume mode / fcurve / ... and everything!)
Is there a way to replicate this in Bifrost (influences? selector_instance? ...)

Using those 'selection-weights' the squashy-collision-deformer can be made in a split-second (I guess)

Bifrost gives the opportunity to quickly develop tools that otherwise were only achievable going through the C++ and Maya API hell.

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If some one could share working compound it would be very appreciated 🙂 

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