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Cloud Generation Artefact how to clean it and scale it up "Bake"

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Cloud Generation Artefact how to clean it and scale it up "Bake"


i m totaly new In Bifrost use, so i follow few Tutorial to make some cloud for a landscape.


And i succeed to make what i want. 


but the thing is i have some awful artefact in my cloud and render and i can t scale up the cloud.


i would like to know how to fix artefact for better render.


and also, if they exist a way to keep, export or bake this cloud.

i could import in scene where i can scale up the cloud to make my landscape (the cloud would be totaly Fixe no mouvement of the cloud just light effect in it.


Thanks a lot



i  add my file too Thx a lot

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in reply to: Brisaciers

When you advect/displace volume through a noise you usually need to "expand" the voxel around the input field, so if you enable bandwidth with some kind of a value, 1 or 2 should be more than enough for most cases but you can play with this value, (do not go crazy because remember you are adding more voxels)and see what the data does through a volume scope by default you will see the tile tree of those voxels I think is gonna make sense what I'm saying when you turn on and off the bandwidth.







To "bake" you volume you can save it as a .vdb or .bob it just depends if you gonna load it then through Maya or Bifrost. 

Vdb - Maya and other engines/DCCs

bob - Bifrost




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I have attached a slightly modified scene file where I believe the artifacts are gone.

I did two things:

(1) Made a change internally in the field_to_volume compound switching from a power5 to a power2 voxel representation on the field_to_volume_internal node  (we will look into why the power5 representation causes issues, but power2 seems to work fine for now).

(2) I added a smooth node after field_to_volume to reduce the remaining jaggies.


You can bake the volume e.g. by caching out to disk as a bob file.



Michael Nielsen

Principal Engineer
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Thanks a lot i m gonna check it out and try to learn more about

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in reply to: sepu6

Thanks for the answer im gonna check and try this solution to use it at larger scale

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