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closest location's U on a curve

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closest location's U on a curve

Hello, I am testing the new bifrost and I would like to get the closest location on a curve and then get the U value of this location. Anyone knows how to do this?

How do I pass a curve geometry to the bifrost graph in the node editor?

How do I get the U from the found location?

Thanks in advance for any help 🙂

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I am also interested in getting the tangent at the point location. How can we know what are the names of the available geometry properties?

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I tried building a strand out of a meshes' points instead of piping in a curve. I can update the point_tangents on that strand, but I can't get the closest location...


So, closest location seems to only work with meshes for now... Am I right?

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It's not exactly what you wanted, but you might get some insight how to create one on your own


As far as the passing curve to Bifrost, it's not yet possible, BUT there are few ways to recreate the curve in Bifrost by passing curve points and creating strand out of it.  Check:


Anyway, there are a lot of useful information on forums but they are kind of buried. I think Adsk is planning on reorganizing Forum to make things easier to find. However, don't be afraid to dig deeper 🙂

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Thanks for your help armanmusovic, I really appreciate it.

I am a little bit closer to what I need. I hope "closest location" nodes will support curves and strands soon...

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