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changing shape of emitter using bifrost aero

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changing shape of emitter using bifrost aero

Hi, So I'm new to bifrost and have been following this tutorial : Maya VFX Series: Fire Effect using Bifröst Aero - YouTube

The tutorial uses create_mesh_sphere for its emitter but I wanted to make the shape of the smoke a little more interesting. I created a standard polygon sphere ; extruded some faces to vary the shape and plugged it in. So I did get results I liked, but then at 21:21 the tutorial says that the 'mushroom' shape is due to the low resolution and that increasing the emitter's resolution would also make better and noise and more interesting patterns.


But with my sphere I don't get the same pop-up and I'm not able to change the same settings. I can of course follow the tutorial with the generic sphere in bifrost, but I was wondering if there was any way to either use my own shape and somehow get a similiar pop-up, or if you could change the shape/faces of create_mesh_sphere.


I hope my question makes sense and any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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In the the tutorial the author is creating the sphere in Bifrost and so he can modify the geometry easily inside Maya. Since you are importing a Maya sphere you need to change those things in Maya instead.

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Thanks for getting back to me!!

Oh so do you know then if axis segments and height segments in the video are the same as axis and height subdivisions in the attribute editor?

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Yes, they work similar in Maya and in Bifrost.

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