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change property for point shape

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change property for point shape

Hi everyone

What the right way to set color,trasparency or setDepthPriority for a point shape?


I tried to use set_geo_property, it works little bit.

there is some problem to update the shape in the viewport.

I have the result when switch on/off the screen aligned.


any ideas?


thank you 



here when I change the color or transparency of the quad and it become fill

quad change transparencyquad change transparency


and then the result when I switch the screen aligned

quad updatequad update

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in reply to: andrea_pinto82

I'm not sure if it's related to your case, but when I was setting the color attribute of a geometry using RGBA values, it seems there was some Z-fighting issues in the viewport. It looks like it's resolved in recent Bifrost updates, but just in case, here's a workaround: 


- Select an alternative Transparency Algorithm on the Viewport 2.0 properties (Depth Peeling or Alpha Cut).

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Thanks for reply.

I am using a point shape and the problem is to update the transparency.
I don't know why that happens.

I think I'll fall back to use the circle shape without transparency to convenience.


update transparencyupdate transparency

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