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Change Properties per instance

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Change Properties per instance

How can I Change Properties per instance?  I use set_instance_geometry, and I want some variation on instance_shapes, like with maxim set_point_orientation node I can add different orientation to each instance seperatly, what about other properties?

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you can change orientation, size (point_size), translation, whatever custom properties you have, and basically, everything else that you want.  You have randomization nodes like this one plus a randomize geo which you can add your own data as well




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Thank you for replying, could you take a look at this please: 2022-11-08_16h47_39.png

is it possible to randomized this array of operators per instance? we can have all kind of variation per instance with this array of operators on arnold standin. I can change it in the graph by traveling through chain of object properties but it changes, for all of the instances.

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