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Cant cache via Compute & Cache to disk

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Cant cache via Compute & Cache to disk

I'm trying to cache a sim but it says i have no containers selected even though my "cigarette smoke" container is selected.


"// Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Bifrost/Maya2022/ line 52: Must select Bifrost containers to cache the data."



Create a user cache for individual Bifröst objects

You can create a user cache for an individual Bifrost object by setting its Caching attributes. Caching a single object reduces unnecessary computations when user caches of other objects in the simulation are not needed. This means that you need to recache the entire simulation if you extend its frame range.

Important: In your Settings > Time Slider preferences, make sure that Looping is set to Once. Otherwise, Bifröst re-caches the simulation when it loops back to the start frame.
  1. Select the main container for the simulation that you want to cache.
  2. In the Attribute Editor, click the tab for the main properties node of the object you want to cache.
  3. In the object's Caching group, set Cache Control to 2 (write mode).

    Make sure that all other Caching attributes are set as desired. See Bifrost Caching Attributes.

  4. Play the simulation from the start frame to create the user cache.

    Bifröst computes and caches frames for the object and saves them to the specified location.

  5. Set the Cache Control to 1 (read mode).
  6. Preview the simulation."

    I don't seem to have cache in my attributes either
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Hi Tyrone,


It's a bit confusing because there are two different systems in Maya: the older Bifröst Fluids that are used for liquids (and can also be used for very simple aero), and the newer and customizable Bifrost graph.


The instructions for caching that you posted are for Bifröst Fluids only (as is everything else in the Bifrost Fluids menu of the FX menu set).


To cache a Bifrost graph like the cigarette smoke example, you need to use one file_cache or one of the File nodes like write_OpenVDB in your graph.


I hope that helps,


Grahame Fuller
Learning Content Developer
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How do i create a plugin on the output node to use file_cache?
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You can create a new output to the scene simply by drawing a connection onto the grey + icon on the output node at the top level of the graph.


However in your case, it's better to insert the file cache node between the existing port and the previous node. Otherwise, there will be two copies of the output in the scene -- the object will flow through the file_cache node and into the scene via the output node.


I hope that helps,


Grahame Fuller
Learning Content Developer

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