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can't load bifrost from mounted location

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can't load bifrost from mounted location

I have bifrost installed in a shared folder that is mounted on local computer (CentOS).

When I load plugin in maya, I am getting these errors:


Error: line 1: Error: Failed to locate Json doc 'bifrost://bbcfg/pkgs/prod/bifrost/'.
Error: line 1: Error: Failed to locate Json doc 'bifrost://bbcfg/pkgs/prod/bifrost/'.


Those files are accessible and readable/writable. Also the owner is the same user as the maya user.

If I copy bifrost folder to local disk then all is OK. I would much preffer keeping bifrost on a separate server.

Any hints ?

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in reply to: froszu

Some more datails.

The actual mountpoint is /mnt/bbcfg/pkgs and it is symlinked with


ln -s /mnt/bbcfg/pkgs /bbcfg/pkgs


Loading bifrost directly from /mnt/... (so a mounted shared folder without symlink) works OK, but not from a symlinked path.


I know that under linux (for example with some python operations) symlinked paths can expand to real paths and that is something that might break bifrost installation. Seems like a bug to me ?

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