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can't export vertex color with alembic files

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can't export vertex color with alembic files

I have a very simple scene with some extruded strands and I am not able to export vertex color in alembic file.
Does anyone want to check the attached scene, maybe I'm doing something wrong


The only solution was to convert bif to maya object, with point_color, and then export as alembic from maya.

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color.pngIt works for me. Which version of Bifrost are you on? We fixed some bugs related to Alembic recently.

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Thanks for the reply. I am using bifrost version I also noticed that Bifrost imports the file correctly, but did you try to import the file directly into Maya (using alembic importer) or into another application to see if it keeps its vertex color?

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It loads fine in Houdini for me and after I renamed the property from `color` to `Cd` it also showed up fine.

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Maya's Alembic importer is pretty limited so I would not be surprised if it would (silently) refuse to import colors unless the property has the correct name + type + component. I would recommend using read_Alembic where possible since it's more fully featured.

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Oh, I see. That's too bad since I am rendering with Vray in Maya. I guess I have no other choice but to stick to the solution mentioned in the first post, although exporting alembic from Maya can be tricky(sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't). Thanks for your time.Cheers!

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in reply to: rstefan

If you are using Vray to render, use the procedurals, it will read the attributes correctly

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in reply to: sepu6

Hi, Sepu- can you elaborate a bit on this?

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in reply to: rstefan

Here you go 



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in reply to: sepu6

Thank you Sepu-it works! I didn't know that I can make a Vray proxy from an alembic file. I collected some screenshots and put them together - maybe it will be useful for someone

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