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Brifrost Freezing basic Particle emitter

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Brifrost Freezing basic Particle emitter

Hi all, 


I'm looking to freeze a bifrost basic particle emitter so I can get the 'bullet time' effect by swinging a camera on a motion path around the sim, while it's frozen, and then continuing the animation. I've tried disconnecting the time node from the bifrost emitter which works but my surface, a sphere on a motion path, continues to move. I've resolved that bu moving the motion path endpoint and adjusting the frame number to stop the sphere at a specified point on the motion path however the particle emitter keeps, well emitting. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. 



Maya 2020.4 | OS 10.14.6

2013 Mac Pro 12 core 64gb


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there is a simulation speed setting in the solver node, i think.

you could try to hook it up to an input node and keyframe it in the bifrost shape.


edit: you can start and stop the simulation like this. it fades in and out, according to you animation curve. take a look at the screenshot.


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