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.Bob sequence issues

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.Bob sequence issues



I have a read_bifrost object node issue. I am using the time node, as I previously have. "to_long" as well. The output only detects particles (for sim) when I select a frame, but when using #### I am unable to read sequence. The output detects No (0) objects. When using a particular frame, the sequence also does not read. Time - To long - To .bob 


Any issues here? I tried creating a new bifrost graph, but same issue. The only thing I haven't done is reset preferences. Scene is 84mb.

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Actually… not resolved. Any help would be appreciated. I use time node and if conditions successfully with alembics, but .Bob sequence giving me issues. Need the sequence start frame to begin at different time. 

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They work fine for me dude. How are you hooking it up. Can you show a screen shot? And what is the if condition for?

The hashes are replaced with the incoming frame input. I have the filename in a value node just so I can plug it into the two nodes for ease of use.

Screenshot 2023-03-13 173743.jpg

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