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bifrost viewport 2.0 render issue

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bifrost viewport 2.0 render issue

Hello Bifrost folks, I have a problem, after caching a smoke (aero) simulation or even during caching the simulation maya freezes and closes, and a message from windows appears: "application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware". I have managed to cache simulation by hiding the biff shape from the viewport during the simulation. But now I'm reading the cache, and have the same problem whenever the viewport try to render the cached simulation, maya crashes and the same message appears for Windows "application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware", I'm unable to even playblast offscreen. I tried to update my VGA driver to the latest version but no luck. I tried to switch for openGL to DirectX11 but didn't solve the problem either. My PC spec is: nvidia gtx 1080 ti, core i7 5820k, 64GB DDR4, seagate enterprise HDD 6TB for storage, samsung 970 evo SSD for system, windows 10 (1909) latest update, maya 2020, Bifrost 2.0.5. MtoA 4.0.2

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