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Bifrost version 2.2 made some demos

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Bifrost version 2.2 made some demos

These are some demos made using the latest features of Bifrost 2.2. Next, I will try to demonstrate more new features.



Bifropst Field System made the sea of clouds:


Bifrost field system made Nebula:


Maya curve to Bifrost road:


Bifrost scatte toolkit test scene:

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Ooh man how manny grass instaces are there in the scatter scene?

That looks crazy.


Thanks for sharing this!

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Scene asset statistics:
Grass: 46 102 045
Tree: 35 224
Animals: 1 399

I feel that this is far from reaching the upper limit 🙂

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in reply to: Bruce.Lee.

Mind blowing work, good stuff!

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in reply to: Bruce.Lee.

no no @Bruce.Lee.  You will made an how to do the nebula. 🙂 please.

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@darioOrtisi think its similar done like the black goo here.


Or the clouds here in the sample scenes.


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Yes but the sim itself is something that is possible without problem. Is the convert the field to volume without sim. I don't never know how to do.

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in reply to: darioOrtisi

hi, here is a sample scene file for generating clouds with fields.

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in reply to: suryamunny


thanks a lot.

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in reply to: Bruce.Lee.

These are so great specially when you have rendered them.

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in reply to: Bruce.Lee.


Next I am going to record a simple tutorial on making a cloud.


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in reply to: Bruce.Lee.

Thanks @Bruce.Lee. 

I will like understand some aspect of the fields.

There is a way to use the eventually deformation of an object to modeling the fog density.

I imagine using the deformed vertices of an object to change the appearance of the fog, like if the fog was at some point in motion. This opens up many opportunities on the artistic side.

I bought an Houdini course on how to create space nebulae. I bought this course without even having houdini. :)(yes I know)


But what I found interesting was the possibility of giving the volume, vdb in that case a noise curl. What I would like to do is deform the base object and any details to use them to define a flow of the fog. I don't know if it's clear. If I apply a twist of maya to the object, I would like to see the deformation also in the fog. Instead now I see fog to which I apply a turbulence field.

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in reply to: Bruce.Lee.

That will be awesome Bruce. I was looking at the graph. You have an AI standard volume material in the graph. I added a sky-dome light to see how it looks. I don't see anything.

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in reply to: suryamunny

Hi there... looks awesome. How do I render that in Arnold? Thanks.

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