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Bifrost RIG update at scene startup.

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Bifrost RIG update at scene startup.

Hello dear Bifrost users,
This a copy of a post I did on Bifrost Addicts servers on Discord.

Doing experimentations with Bifrost about rigging, I faced an issue whith Bifrost RIGs not updating when at file startup.

It seems to be a known bug, but I wanted to find a workaound.

I finally ended up creating a callback at maya startup to help with this issue for now (A bit tricky).
Simply adding this script lines in a file seems to do the job here.

Screen Shot 02-01-2022 at 14.57.png


Perhaps it will help some other users

 An example is attached.

Please tell me if it works for any of you. (It works fine for me for now ^^)





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