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Bifrost particles substeps

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Bifrost particles substeps

Hi bifrosters!
i am trying to replicate dr strange portal effect, im using a sphere which is rotating in a circlel. but since the speed is fast, it doesnt look like a circular motion, instead like stepped. anyone help !

FYI, i have tried increasing the substeps upto 30 but it doesnt respond.





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Did you try increasing the FPS in the Maya timeline (bottom right corner)?

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hey, that worked.

but when playing it back after caching, the whole sim looks slow. any work around to playback in realtime 24fps? thanks. 👍

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Did you ever figure out how to increase substeps legitemately?  having issues with collisions

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in reply to: vickytronzJNKLT

Can you show a screenshot or even better share the scene of the issue that you are having. 

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in reply to: sepu6

I will definitely when I get a break...but tbh its not anything complicated so I didnt post it in the first place


cube internally extruded into a container (used as colider)

sphere above as the emiter

large plane for kill plane underneath the container

gravity set to 980

density set to .001

voxel size set to 2 for lower particle count


if this chugs so much with a generic scene...I would hate sim something complicated on a deadline that needed to be art directed. Ive used realflow on hardware with much less resources and it was much more stable and reliable.


just trying to learn something new and it seems like autodesk tries to make it harder for you


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in reply to: vickytronzJNKLT

Are you talking about the Bifrost graph or the old system? 

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in reply to: sepu6

whichever one comes with maya 2020 thats what im working with

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in reply to: vickytronzJNKLT

ok I guess is the old system if you do not know. So Im afraid I cant help you there. 

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in reply to: sepu6

its ok, I think im just going to cut my losses and invest in houdini for dynamics etc.

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in reply to: vickytronzJNKLT

Sure you can learn Houdini but if you want to stay in Maya then learn the Bifrost procedural graph, which is a node base system, much better and you can art direct whatever you want, and again is procedural. 

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