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Bifrost particles rendering artifact

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Bifrost particles rendering artifact


Not sure if I submit this to the rendering forum that I would get an answer so trying here first.

Im getting these artifacts using arnold and bifrost particles. Looks like a whole lot of voxels with temperature in them, does anyone know what is going on here?

Im emitting bifrost areo from bifrost particles, renders are working with another graph I have but just using bifrost aero in the same scene.

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The aero is refined around density but if there is a lot of temperature diffusion, or the shader is mapping something to emission other than temperature it could cause regions in the air to glow. When far from the density voxels the grid is poorly refined and one might see grid  artifacts. I'm not sure if this is your problem but when rendering temperature I sometimes first process the temperature voxels to based on the density... for voxels with voxel_fog_density = 0, set temperature = 0 (using a simple compound downstream of simulate_aero).  Or one can multiply voxel_temperature  by voxel_fog_density.


Duncan Brinsmead
Senior Principal Developer
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Thanks Duncan, my temperature is very a high value in order to get the hot spots on the projectiles -up to 1000. Then Im using a dissipation node to get rid of it so it only burns near the  start. I admit that if I alter this value the artifacts change too but its only visible at render time and not in viewport, so Im wondering if its an Arnold render bug or sample arent high enough somewhere.

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