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Bifrost particles not following emitter

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Bifrost particles not following emitter



I'm trying to emit from a moving emitter. I looked at the deafult behaviour in this video and the particles are following the movement of the emitter and adopt the velocity vector of it:


Unfortunately, when I create an Aero container, the particles have no velocity at all. Did the default behaviour change since Maya '18. I'm using Maya 2020.


It also seems like only every second frame particles are emitted.




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Particle emission with inherited velocity works fine for me in Maya 2020 with Bifrost on Windows when emitting from a moving sphere. Is your velocity scale under emitter props -> conversion -> velocity scale by any chance set to zero?

Note that there's also the option of using our second generation Aero solver running in the Bifrost graph (create a bifrost graph and instantiate a basic_aero_graph or start from an example graph in the Bifrost browser).




Michael Nielsen

Principal Engineer
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Hi Michael, thanks for the reply.


I didnt change anything from default. I also tried to setup the scene in the bifrost graph, giving me the same result.


I only changed the gravity magnitude to zero. My conversion setup is attached.


I also attached the scene file. I'm using bifrost


thanks and regards


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a) Please don't set the Gravity Magnitude to "0", this will effect your simulation. I recommend to set it back to the default value.


b) Your object is very small in relation to the simulation grid size, so either increase object size or simply in


Properties -> Solver Properties -> Master Voxel Size (set to a lover value like "0.200" or "0.100", or even lower)



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Thanks alot. Didn't think the gravity would affect the simulation in this way. I didn't decrease the master voxel size for testing purposes.


Thanks again

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