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Bifrost Particle not using Color Values

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Bifrost Particle not using Color Values

Hello, all,


I'm re-learning Bifrost after having to stop for a while and I'm trying to simply assign colors to particles created from an object using the basic particles graph.  As far as I know I'm doing it right, but the particles are not changing color.  I'm attaching a screenshot.  I saw a tutorial where the author said it worked for him 2 out of three times and the times it didn't he had to disconnect and reconnect the output node, so maybe that's what's happening here, I'm not sure.  Is that a glitch or something?  Any way around that?


Thank You all in advance ๐Ÿ™‚



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And if you want to vary color per-particle you can use this workflow (Maya scene included).


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Hello! Thank you for your reply and help ๐Ÿ™‚


My problem though is even when I attach the set_property node set to color, the particles don't change color, in the viewport or the render.  Your first solution works well, because I don't have to have a color property, the color is coming from the Material.


So the second solution doesn't work for me, sadly, as it has a set_property node set to color that doesn't seem to work.  I should add, that I'm doing this in Maya 2024, but in 2023, the node works fine.  I just have to sometimes connect the out geometry of the material node to two inputs in the last output node.


I'm open to other workarounds ๐Ÿ™‚  Or a bug fix for that output node issue, haha.





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@ajsiytangcoE9EW6 Which version of Bifrost are you on? Are you saying that the scene file I provided above does not work for you?
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i think this is due to the shader assigned to the bf graph. i believe in 2024 standardsurface replaced lambert1 as the default. this has caused me quite some confusion too.

if i remember correctly it works like this: if you are assigning the color the old way simply with setting the color property you need to have lambert1 assigned. if you are going the reference route it should be aistandard1.

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