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Bifrost liquid collider issue

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Bifrost liquid collider issue


I have a little problem working with Maya 2020 Bifrost. when I make Maya Bifrost liquid falling from up and collide with down collider mesh it works perfectly fine. 

but when I changed the Bifrost liquid blue colored grid outside the emitting mesh z-direction to 90 degrees and also make colliding mesh z-direction to 90 degrees, the liquid starts emitting in such direction but it doesn't collides.

I've loaded all Bifrost plugins again and again like 1000 times but nothing happens.

please view the images I've attached and please give some solution for this.


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What you want to do shikharshankhdhar837 is to leave gravity at 9.8 in a direction of -1 in Y and on the bifrostEmiiterProp1 node you want to 'Enable Additional Velocity' and set the Additional Velocity Mult to a larger value (like 15). You will leave the Additional Velocity Vector attribute at its default of: 1, 0, 0. If you want it to go in negative x then you would set the Additional Velocity Vector attribute to -1, 0, 0. Hope this helps.


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thanks I got the solution and it worked perfectly, actually the thing is I want to create a Bifrost project where liquid comes from every direction and collides in a box. 

well, I think now I can do it.

thanks a lot. 

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